Services & Benefits

We tailor our services to your requirements. Whether you are a small farm owner operator, a large farm business or a large agricultural production industry we can help you achieve growth and profit.

Through consultation and discussion with you we determine the present position of your business; your medium and long terms goals and develop these into successful business plans.

We will take time to learn and understand your business completely to ensure we have the best information to provide innovative solutions specific to you and your needs.

We are always just an e-mail away, able to provide you with instant feedback and answers to your questions.


We offer advice on dairy farming systems with particular emphasis on low cost production. Within DPI we have considerable experience and have access to more specific resources as required to be able to provide sound advice and innovative solutions for each sector of a vertically integrated milk business.

Our experience and expertise is relevant to all business sizes from very small dairy farms wanting to increase profitability, to large corporations wishing to expand their production base, improve their logistics, develop processing capability or investigate marketing options.

Specifically, our on farm advice will consider all aspects of your farming business; animal genetics, pasture species and seeds, grazing management, soil fertility and management, animal health management, and physical and financial factors affecting your milk production and profitability.

Feasibility studies

We will conduct feasibility studies, reporting to you on physical and financial factors relative to development of a profitable and efficient low cost pastoral based farming system.

We evaluate your industry and the way it impacts on your farming systems and profitability to provide you with accurate, relevant and reliable information that will help you make good business decisions.

Our predictions are conservative to reduce your level of risk.

Strategic planning

We plan for your profit - developing measurable goals and providing a strategic plan for development and management for your success. We measure the achievement of your goals, giving you evidence of your progress.

What are your or your company's, long term goals and aspirations? We will help you crystallise these and turn them into business plans designed to meet the established goals. We measure your progress along the way towards achieving your goals.


Analysing your current farming system, pastures, soils and fertilizer history and farm financials, enables us to provide you with innovative ideas for improving your efficiency and business profit margins.

Financial and physical analysis allows us to prepare budgets for farm and capital development. We can then report on performance from year to year, benchmark your business against others and report on annual income and expenditure, enabling you to stay on target towards achieving financial goals.

We can design or redesign milking parlours, water reticulation, fencing and farm subdivision, laneways and livestock handling and movement systems to enhance your on farm efficiency.


We also construct milking parlours, backing gates, yards and stock handling facilities; our decades of experience can save you time, costly errors and provide you with the most up to date and efficient systems available.

Project Management

If you wish, we will manage your full project taking responsibility for development from initial consultation to completed facilities, allowing you to focus on day to day business management.
Joint Venture

If you want to share risk or introduce broader business management skills we can use our contacts and business experience to assist in arranging Joint Venture partners to share financial or management risk.

For a free initial discussion on the way our technology and expertise can help you become a more innovative and profitable farm business, contact us now at

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