India - Hatsun Dairy Products

In January 2006 John Perrin spent time in India reviewing the local dairy industry and farming practices of suppliers to Hatsun Agro Product Ltd with the aim of assisting the company grow its milk production base and business.


John identified that growing fodder specifically for milk production can out compete other land uses for profitability in the State of Tamil Nadu. Growing, harvesting and feeding fodder at the correct stage of growth to maximise quality is a key step in improving animal nutrition and increasing production.

John visited over 20 farms interviewing owners or managers about all parameters affecting production; including: nutrition, water consumption, cow fertility, replacement stock management, financial returns, current animal management systems, labour issues and attitudes.



The study results will:-
a)     Give farmers confidence to change from being cropping farmers to committing all their land to fodder production to produce milk and make significantly greater profits.
b)     The programme derived from the study will help identify, for farmers, the best fodder cultivars to grow and how to best manage them to maximise feed production and quality.
c)     Farmers will be supported through the change process with technical help and advice. Advice will also cover areas such as: fodder conservation systems, genetics, calf rearing, growing out replacement stock, matching cow nutrition needs to stage of lactation and pregnancy, financial management, animal health and advice on new dairy technologies to assist in each farmer's efficiency and profitability.
d)     Farmers who have adopted the new technology and who are successful will be encouraged to share their success with other farmers.
e)     A successful outcome from the study and ongoing project in 5 years time will be a vastly expanded number of very profitable dairy farmers who will be milking 10, 20, 30 or more cows producing 10 litres per cow per day. Hatsun Agro Product Ltd will have grown their production base 5 to 10 fold and will be receiving finest quality milk that has been collected in chilled form directly from the farm.


John has an ongoing role as a Consultant to extend the technology to farmers, develop strategies and monitor the results of their implementation.

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