Construction of a 60-bale rotary milking parlour in Oregon, USA

Project2_image1Dairy Projects International has completed construction of a 60-bale rotary milking parlour in Oregon, USA as part of a major dairy to conversion achieve project farm using pastoral farming to principles the owner's aspirations maximise production.

The spring/summer cow numbers on the farm (455 and autumn. The parlour was acres/184 hectare) will double from 300 to 600 in milk over commissioned on 25 January 2004.

Within three weeks the number of cows milked through the parlour had increased to 400 cows per hour.

This milking parlour incorporates the latest technological features in rotary milking technology.

Project2_image2Rectangular Yard / Reporoa High-Lift Gate

The holding yard is 12 meter x 45 meters with a capacity of 360 cows. The location of the entry point on to the platform from the yard and the design of the control gate at the rear of the cows are critical factors in meeting expectations for cow-flow.

The Reporoa High Lift Gate can travel over the top of the cow herd to move smaller groups of cows onto the platform, or to separate different herds.

This Reporoa High-Lift Gate has a manure-cleaning device (Dung Buster) attached, eliminating manual washing of the yard.

Parlour ConstructionProject2_image3
Chiller panel walls provide strong, lightweight construction. The material is appealing to look at and very easy to keep clean. A pit around the circumference of the rotary platform helps keep the whole shed clean by confining manure as well as helping to ensure cow contentment. Concrete wall surfaces are coated with Acra-Flex, a special hard wearing and easy-to-clean product. The building also incorporates secure drug and chemical storage rooms, a staff room and a sanitary secure milk room.

Project2_image4Magnum Rotary Platform
The 60-bale rotary platform is the well proven, low maintenance Magnum. Features of this concrete platform include the location and design of deck ports that provide perfect cluster alignment on each cow ensuring fast even milking. The 3.75 meter wide deck has allowed feed bins to be installed.

Waikato Milking System
The installation of a Waikato Milking System combines functionality with the latest proven technology in milk harvesting equipment. All parts, from the 12 track gland to the variable speed milk pump controller and Smart Air vacuum system incorporating Waikato electronic 2 + 2 pulsation, are meeting the expectations of the owner.

Cooling System
The use of a plate cooler combining both primary cooling from well supplied water and secondary cooling, utilising a Supacool delivers milk to the milk silo (bulk tank) at 4°C (39.2°F).

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